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Three essentials for harmonious living

• We need each other (we depend on people we will never know or meet) • We’re all connected (learn to build reciprocal relationships) • Learn and practice communication skills These essentials can free the masses from imposed and self-induced trances that perpetuate the vitriol, ranco
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Secret recipe for spicing up your romantic relationship

Basic ingredients – Time, Talk and Touch Directions: 1) Share time each day with each other. (In order for there to quality time, there must be quantity time 2) Talk about things that matter to the other. Listen with intention. (Listening means you are attending to the words, to
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Points to remember when falling in love

• When we fall in love, we fall in love with our imagination of who the other person is, not with the other person. We fall in love with our “imagination” of the other person. Proof of this is what is said by many after some amount of time into the relationship. When the other person
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