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Secret recipe for spicing up your romantic relationship

Basic ingredients – Time, Talk and Touch


1) Share time each day with each other. (In order for there to quality time, there must be quantity time

2) Talk about things that matter to the other. Listen with intention. (Listening means you are attending to the words, tone and body language of the other. If you want to change to a different topic, get permission and agreement. Otherwise, your partner may feel dismissed. Yes, feelings matter. Feelings will be expressed verbally, non-verbally or in combination.

3) Touch appropriately for the relationship as defined and agreed upon.

These are the essential ingredients for building, maintaining and sustaining your relationship.
Feel free to add other ingredients as you like with special touches.
Blend carefully, honestly and humbly with gratitude.
Remember how much you talked and touched in the early stages of your relationship? That’s the key.

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